This is a small collection of mockups I made for personal use. I wasn’t finding any of the straight-forward or slightly-messed-up mockups I was after. I figured others might have fun with them, too. So here they are for free. If you use one, please mention or tag #mockupyourmind.

About the Mockups

All the mockups were built with, and require, Adobe Photoshop (Creative Cloud).

Changing the Design
With all of the mockups, double-click the top Smart Object layer to open up a new Photoshop window with the artwork. Create, paste, or drag your artwork into that second Photoshop file. Save it, and return to the original file to see your art on the mockup.

If you work in Illustrator, double click the base layer of that second Photoshop file (another Smart Object) and it will open the artwork up in Illustrator. You can save the Illustrator file and return to the Photoshop file to see it update.

To change the background color, double-click the slider icon on that layer to access a color picker.

Noise Pattern
Some of these employ a noise pattern as a Layer style, which is more flexible than the “Add Noise” Filter. With each download, I included the .pat file and a quick screen grab on where to go to insert it. (Download the .pat file.) Unfortunately, you’ll have to manually re-select that pattern on any Layers where it was used. If anyone knows a better solution, please let me know.